Migrate from SQL-Server to Oracle 11g

Hi there

I intend to migrate from SQL-Server Bizagi project to Oracle Like the link below :

and still I've not found a Bizagi help for SQL-Server to Oracle migrate.

However, I think I can solve this problem using :

1 -migrate SQL-Server data to Oracle using Oracle tools and export tables

2- do steps from help of Oracle to SQL-Server

3- Convert all System Table Data , view and... and Hope Works.

but I'm not sure about these ways. please help if there is a way to do that


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Dear Bardia,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Unfortunately, there is not a documented or certified process to perform the change from SQL to Oracle in Bizagi Studio, so we cannot help you with sufficient answers.

The process you suggest seems appropriate enough, but we do not have the information required to help.

Apologies for the inconvenient. We hope your request is solved soon.

Kind regards,

Laura G