(Micro)deploy a new role without selecting any process

Hi Bizagi,

It would be great if the ROLES records could be deployed to the target environment without the need of selecting any process. In this way you can assign the new role to the users before the process will be deployed and before it can be executed. In this way you avoid tasks being assigned to the 'admon', since this will be the default assignee if no user matches with the assignation rule that contains this new role.

Ofcourse it is possible to assign this role to the users direclty after a deployment of the process, but this is still a risk (since processes can be started in the meantime) and for the Production environment it would mean that someone should perform this action outside workhours . If we can just deploy only the new role a few days before the planned deployment of the process than this action can just be executed within workhours and without any rush.

Hope you can take this option in consideration. Any other solution to this problem is welcome as well ofcourse.

Best regards,