manage maultiple end Event in subprocess


Can I use multiple End event in One Process?

if yes, How to declare which End Event is Main End Event?

To Clarify the Question, let me demonstrate it.

We have main process that has a sub process. There is a inclusive or parallel gateway inside sub process that branch out into multiple paths. All of the paths leads to None End event.

Which End event is triggered in order to Continue Main Process?

for example in attached image, I want Main Process to be continued and run Task1, whenever End Event B be triggered (None of the both other End events, A or C)d43568f1d2b18a37f8abc8893d349b6a

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Dear Azade,

. "All of the paths leads to None End event." You can use none end event but also include terminate end event to establish a difference between them. The gateway configuration is really important to accomplish your goal.

To continue with your example, you can put end events on branches A and C, but when the process instance follow the sequence flow B you can use Message and signals to jump directly into Task 1. Let us share with you the documentation to complement the previous explanation.

Hope this information works for you.

Best regards.