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loop happend when use collection relation

when I use collection relation in data model this loop happens in forms

whats the problem?

thanks in advance

Files: loop.PNG

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Dear Mayid,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The behavior you are reporting is normal because when you define a collection, an attribute is created to a reference to the parent attribute, so that it is possible to navigate the parent from the child. So, in the example you shared with us in the screenshot, the second "Librarian" that is part of the first "books" (which also belongs to the first "Librarian") is exactly the same entity as the first "Librarian."

So, no need to worry, you won't necessarily use all the levels, so it's best not to try and open all the levels as it might clutter the entity tree.

We hope this helps to answer your question.

Best regards,

Laura G