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LDAP authentication setup error

hi, im very new to bizagi. im trying to setup LDAP authentication but getting this error. please help

Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: Server or SearchBaseDn parameter cannot be null or empty.

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Dear je,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

To better understand the issue, we need some additional information. Could you please look in the event log if there is some error message there related to the LDAP setting up?

Also, you could try and activate the tracing feature for the LDAP, reproduce the error and look for the traces in the folder C:\\Bizagi\Trace, and send it to us so we may take a look into what is happening.

To activate the tracing feature, you can go to the view that shows you the option to create a new project and click ctrl+L to open the Tracing modal window (attached image), then select LDAP under Security, and then select "OK."

We hope this helps and will await for further information you can provide us with.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura,

thank you for the response. I have checked trace logs but I didnt find anything (refer to trace_logs_empty.png).

Also, I also tried to enable the tracing feature in my current project but unable to. I observed there is no "New Project" option for me. (refer to attached trace_mgmt.png)

I tried to append organization unit and organization in LDAP URL and the error became different (refer to basic_config_2.png and test_results_2.png). is this way correct?

based on the test_results_2.png, error says "supplied credential is invalid". does this mean username doesnt have access to the LDAP server ? as the username and password I have provided is supposed to work.


To update i was able to correct the DN but im now getting error: The given key was not present in the dictionary. can advise please?