Issue in Export the Table into PDF

Hello Bizagi Support Team,

In our project, we want to Export the content of tables into Excel or PDF Format from the Work Portal.

In a case of exporting the data in Excel Format, it is working as expected.

But when we are trying to export the data in PDF format, the content of the table is displayed in the multiple tables instead of the single table as in Excel format.

Please refer the attached document for the further clarification.

Awaiting your kind response.


Nikita Shah.

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Dear Nikita,

What is happening with the PDF export is that given the extension of the table with respect to columns, it needs to cut it in several sections in order to display it. Since the PDF export configuration is something that cannot be modified at the moment, we recommend to continue using the Excel export and transform that one to PDF with the desired orientation/zoom characteristics.

Information about the export functionalities can be found here:


Support Team