Is it possible to use event error notation for the script task, in the on exit event of which an em

I have already used this notation in the service task. But unfortunately from an organizational email that is done in the settings section and does not give an error in the connection test. But sometimes in the portable environment, the customer gives an error in sending the email, which is solved by trying again, but because this template email is written in the on exit event of the script task section, what is the solution to fix the error and change the process flow in case of instant error? Can be used. Can this notation used in the service task be used here?

Thanks, I'm waiting for your help

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Dear Iman,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Our recommendation for the situation you are explaining is that a failure in the sending of emails should not be a business condition for the process to keep moving; thus, Bizagi does not support that in the modeling of processes.

Also, we would recommend having a relay service (which is an intermediate email service that "outsources" the sending of emails). This way, your process assumes that the email was successfully sent and goes on with the process, while the relay service takes care of respond to possible errors without interfering with the business process itself.

Feel free to let us know if more questions arise.

Kind regards,

Laura G



What about using an Asynchronous activity to send emails?

I used this before and works like a charm. If sending the email has an error, the async task will retry sending the notification.

Please have a look at how to set up an async task by configuring the following:

  • Retries
  • Retries interval
  • Timeout


Thank you, Ms. Laura, for your kind response