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Is exclusive option for Boolean attribute in table not working in start form?

Dear Bizagi Support Team Member,

I have added a table (collection) containing Boolean attribute in Start form of the process. The Boolean attribute is set to type checkbox and exclusive. On Bizagi WorkPortal, this is not working. It allows multiple selection.

Bizagi Studio and Bizagi WorkPortal images are attached herewith for your kind consideration.

I am using Bizagi (.Net Environment)

SQL Server Express 64-bit 11.0.2100.60

Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS

Thanks and Regards,

Chetan Sindhi

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Dear Chetan,

A member of our support team will contact you by email.

Best regards


Dear Juan,

Thanks for your update. I received the mail mentioning the new release of Bizagi. I faced this very early issue when I started working on Bizagi 11. This was resolved by simple 'iisreset'. I observed that even a small change on start form particularly in collection requires 'iisreset'. This is in contrast to other task forms. I will download the new release and try this.


Chetan Sindhi

Nividous Software Solutions, India