Is Bizagi a tool for data processing ?


I am new to Bizagi and I am trying to better understand what kind of tool it is.

I have a need for a tool that can receive EHRs reported by the healthcare providers, and automatically process and analyse the received information.

The processed data shall shall run through a large set of predefined rules, and finaly when rule conditions are met result in predefined billable products.

The system is very much online and shall start processing the information once it is received.

Is Bizagy a system that can excute the dataprocessing, or is it more the workflow system that can manage the processing task?

Thx for answering me...Espen

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Dear Espen,

Bizagi is mostly the workflow system that can manage the processing task. Nevertheless, with Bizagi you can also have the possibility to process and analyze the information, run the data through predefined rules. Bizagi is not exactly a data-processing tool but you can configure your environment to process and analyze data automatically.

The best thing you can do is to read these documents and watch these videos to have more information and then, decide if Bizagi fits your business needs or not. - How to automate a process. - UI Path integration (RPA) - Multiple Demos

Bear in mind that Electronic Health Records are very complex files/documents so the key for them is how the system is going to read the information contained in EHRs.

Hope this information works for you!

Best regards.