Invoke a custom connector from an expression

When creating a new expression (let's say as an activity action) you can choose to add expression, add if,add while, add web service among other alternatives (attachment). Is there a reason you can not choose to add a custom connector from here? Will this be supported in the future?

In some cases we need to invoke a custom connector as an activity action only if a condition is true. If it was possible to add a custom connector from the expression we could use the connector in combination with the "add id" to acheive this.

We could also add a custom connector to a library rule and be able to resue the custom connector including the mapping.

I have the same question regarding templates and e-Mail. Sometimes we need to create documents and e-Mails as activity actions only if a condition is true. If it was possible to add templates and e-Mails to an expression this issue would have been solved.

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Dear Berit,

It is possible to use the custom connector but you must follow

the proper configuration to achieve it. Please refer to,

from the Section 2.1. Implementing the
until the end, so you will be able to invoke your custom connector

from an expression.



I guess here idea was to invoke connector directly from expression, get response in code, parse it and then map to data model as example

  1. var Inputs = "json or xml string with defined inputs"

    var Response = CHelper.invokeCustomConnector("ConnectorName or System config", "Connector Action", Inputs);

    If(Response.StatusCode == 200){


    else {