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Invalid user information - WS-Security - Using SOAP Web Services

Hi Support,

We are in the process of moving from an OnPremise architecture to a Cloud Architecture.

The Cloud Architecture is having WS-Security enabled.

We are struggling to improve one of our .Net External Application that is calling SOAP Web Services

Here is where we at:

WS-Security is enable

Username and Password as Credential is used

I was able to debug and test that without Username Password, its giving the exception that credential is needed (so the connection is fine when i'm adding the Username/Password)

I'm unable to use the QueryCase as before since there is issue with the implementation of Object instead of XmlNode (Secure QuerySoa is not the same as the non secure QuerySoa...)

So i use the QueryCaseAsString and use the XML as string

Got error with the utf-8 encoding...

Get rid of the XML formating error, seems to be fine now.

I'm now stop at this point --> <BizAgiWSError xmlns=""><ErrorCode xmlns="">1</ErrorCode><ErrorMessage xmlns="">Invalid user information</ErrorMessage></BizAgiWSError>

Is there somekind of documentation ErrorCode list that i can refer to?

Does the cloud configuration is missing Business keys definition that our Onpremise is having and Cloud is not having (

Here is the XML i'm sending to the test cloud -->

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><BizAgiWSParam><domain></domain><userName>ConseillerVentes</userName><QueryParams><Internals><Internal Name="RadNumber" Include="false">SOUM-20211221-1</Internal><Internal Name="ProcessState" Include="false">Running</Internal><Internal Name="guidApplication" Include="false">E2F24055-B7EC-4C0D-9785-777BEA8832E1</Internal><Internal Name="idTask" Include="true"></Internal></Internals></QueryParams><Parameters><Parameter Name="idEnt">10038</Parameter><Parameter Name="searchAllUsers">true</Parameter></Parameters></BizAgiWSParam>

Here is some documentation i'm playing with -->

How do i know that these input parameter is properly use base on the new cloud configuration?

•BizAgiWSParam: This is the root node, containing all the necessary information to execute the query. Contains the "domain", "userName", "QueryParams", and "Parameters" nodes.

•Domain: Here goes the name of the domain for the Bizagi user who executes the query.

•UserName: Name of the user who executes the query.

•QueryParams: Contains all the necessary information to search and filter the query results. Contains the "Internals" and "Xpaths" nodes.

•Internals: Contains one or more nodes of the type "Internal", which are used to specify filtering information related to internal renders (Process data).

•Internal: Specifies in its "Name" attribute, the internal control for filtering information. The filtering value goes as the Value of the node and it is case sensitive. The "Include" attribute can be set to true in order to include the results for the internal.z|

Does it have somekind of "Hello World" test that i could send as XML to be sure that i catch every parameter before trying to do a complex call?

Carl Denault will be the person to get in touch (the one in CC in this ticket)

I'm in a urgent need of having answer, if you have someone who could help by calling me. It would be very appreciated since the company is asking for a go live in days to come...


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Dear Carl,

Thank you for reaching out to us. After looking at what you describe, we would recommend that you check if the user is enabled and authorized to execute the query, as this might be an authorization issue.

Kind regards,

Laura G