intermediate table fields in m-m relation


When the many-to-many relationship between two tables is used, how can you add fields to the intermediate table that is added automatically by Bizaji itself.

For example, the student table and the course table, which we want to establish a many-to-many relationship between, and we want to record the student's acquired score in that intermediary table. The place of the score field is in the interface table, but how to add it in that intermediate table that exists in sql database but not manageable in bizagi studio?

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Dear Karim,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. If you need to add new fields to an intermediate table, we recommend not to model the relationship as a many-to-many because the intermediate table created is only logical and cannot be accessed or modified. Instead, you can model the relationship as one-to-many with an intermediate table created by you, which you can edit and add the fields you need.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Thanks laura