Interactive email return comment updating database

We are using interactive email where user enters a comment and clicks on approve or deny from the email they received to continue on in the flow. Everything works except the comment it is saving is the full html with the comment inside the html tags.

This means the next screen shows beginning of html and never gets to the comment. I either need the comment to not save the html tags or I need the form to filter out the html tags. Am I doing something wrong that it is saving the html tags or is there a way to get rid of the tags when it is saving?

FYI we are using the new Exchange process for Microsoft 365.

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To keep everyone in the loop:

I contacted customer support. So far their only help was to tell me to use the HTML widget you can download. That is not helpful for my problem because that widget can only go on a form and my answers are in a column of a table on the screen which does not allow you to use the widget. Considering you can have a history of answers it needs to be in a table so it is not possible for me to change the form. I thought about clicking on the row of the table and a form pop up to use the html widget on but I think my users would assassinate me for a horrible design. I would argue Bizagi needs a patch. An easy patch that strips all html tags from the save routine or a difficult patch that fixes all form elements to correctly handle html tags.


Dear Dan,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. In this case, we recomment using a html control in the form that presents the information rather than a text control, so that information coming from an email is correctly rendered.

You may also want to look into the Rich Text Format Editor from the widgets available at

Kind regards,

Laura G