Install issues: Authentication

Hi, I'm trying to install Studio on my local workstation and have it connect to a remote SQL server for it's database. I'm seeing the following issues.

1. From MC, Selecting New; I'm prompted for authentication and get the message box stating that the user account needs to be in the Bizagi and Administrators groups. I added my domain account to the Bizagi group. We are not allowed to add our accounts to the local Admin group but I am a member via a Domain group.

2. If I launch studio manually; while in the above state I get a Sign In dialog that has nothing in it. I assumed it might be a pending timeout so I let it sit while I was gone for a bit. Nothing changes.

See attached images.

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Dear Eric

1) To resolve issue #1, please review below:

a) The user must be in two groups to create a project: Administrator and Bizagi groups. For further information, please refer:

b) Bizagi Operation service may be down. Restart it (if it's up) and try again.

2) Please follow below steps to resolve issue #2 and try to sign in again.

a) Add these exceptions to the proxy

  • *.bizagi.*
  • *.msecnd.*

b) Add these URL to the safe list in the firewall

c) Verify if Ad-Aware is installed. Uninstalling this program will resolve the connection issues.