Information transfer between two processes


In the process of requesting an object from the warehouse, if the object is not in the warehouse, send an event message to the process

A purchase request is created

How can I add item information entered in the warehouse request process to the purchase request table?

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Dear Mostafa,

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This is the answer we received from the Product team regarding this:

When you use process collaboration all the information from the process that throws the signal will still be available in the new case created, no expression is needed: the mapping of the information is automatic. You have to be careful: both processes (the throw and the catch processes) must have the same Process Entity and belong to the SAME APPLICATION within the same project.

Please refer to the following articles for more information about this:

BPMN Collaboration:


Signal example:

If the processes do not have the same process entity, you can create a new case with business information using CHelper.NewCase(XML). See:

We hope this information answers your question.

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