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In 'Relationship Wizard' section 'Configure attribute and/or entities' is hidden.


When using the 'Relationship Wizard' to create a relationship between 2 master entities, only the title 'Configure attribute and/or entities' on step 'Configure it' is visible but not the details.

I'm using:

•Bizagi (x64)


•Windows 7 Enterprise.

In attachment a screenshot of the wizard.

Thank you


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Dear Geert,

Multiple-to-multiple relationships are established when one instance of an entity (entity A) is associated with one, zero or many instances of another entity (entity B), and one instance of entity B is associated with one, zero or many instances of entity A.

For example, in a Loan Request Process, a request may have several products (personal loan, credit card) and several collaterals, or guarantees to cover the products (co-borrower, mortgage). Each product may have many associated guarantees. Thus, there is a multiple to multiple relationship between GuaranteesRequest and ProductsRequest: A product can be covered by several guarantees of the request, and a guarantee can cover several products of the request. A many-to-many relationship is modeled as a double arrow line with an asterisk (*) at each arrow end.


To create a multiple to multiple relationship open the second step of the Process Wizard: Model Data.

The entities to be related should be included in the diagram.

1. Click the Relationship button in the Home tab and select the two entities to be related.

Then click Next.


2. Select the relationship type.

Then type the names for both sides of the bidirectional relationship.

In the example the relationship between the request products and its guarantees will be Product_Guarantee.

The relationship between the guarantees and their covered products will be Guarantee_Products

Then click Finish.




Hi Juan,

Thanks for you answer.

I knew the steps etc... But the problem is that Bizagi , at least on my computer, does not show the whole content of the Relationship Wizard. I attached a file with print screens to show how it looks on my computer.

Kind regards.