How to implement multi-select

HiI need to implement a multi-select:

I have data in a parameter table, then i need asign two o more of this elements to my process instance.

How i can do this??Thanks

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Dear SChispy,

There are many ways to accomplish what you need in your forms.

The first way is using Bizagi's out-of-the-box "Search list" control.

Another way if you want to show this in a table, is to consider in your data model the following:

1) Having an intermediate master entity designed just to store the information related to your parametric entity.

2) Including in this entity a reference to the parametric entity.

3) Having your process entity contain a collection of this intermediate master entity.

Then, your process can have a grid to include/edit/delete rows with information related to the parametric entity values.

Best regards,


How can I perform multiple joins for example I have student table, courses table and registration table where registration table got ID of student and course table. now I want to perform search and combine student and course table in search output

I now how to perform in SQL i.e by using inner joins but struggling how to achieve this in bizagi ?


Dear Khurram,

Regarding your question, Bizagi is able to loop entities through expressions, but it does not allow you to execute SQL sentences.

You can check these articles to create loops and find out the value that you need:

Best Regards