I want to start a process by receiving an email from another process in a separate pool

Hi team,

I am facing trouble when starting a process when an email is received from another process which is in a separate pool.

For e.g. Organization's Team A is sending an email to a marketing partner (in a separate pool) to provide information via an email. So the marketing partner's process starts once they receive the email from the organization.

Do I need a start event (message) to start the marketing partner's process, or can I just add a script task to provide the requested information to the organization?

And also, is it a must to have a start event in every process.



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Dear Kaumadi,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. If you require to have more than one pool, then each pool needs its own start event. However, if the process is happening within the same organization (just different departments or users), then we would recommend that you use lanes within the same pool rather than different pools. This article provides a little more information on each of these elements:

Now, regarding the sending of emails between processes in case you really need two pools rather than one, the following article explains how to set communication between processes:

We hope this helps to answer your questions.

Kind regards,

Laura G