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I don´t have a environment to run the project in the cloud.Why?

I try to run my project in the cloud mas something was wrong. Appear a popup and say that i don´t have any available environment to run.

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Dear João Pedro,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your issue.

If you are a client with a paid license with Bizagi, we recommend that you create a ticket (or have the license administrator do so).

If you normally use Bizagi Modeler and are trying to log in to Bizagi Studio using the same credentials, then it is normal not to have an available cloud environment to deploy a project as you would have to pay a license to have it.

If none of the options above aligns with your situation, please be more specific as to what is happening. Please bear in mind that the only way to have a cloud environment available for deploying a Bizagi project is to have a paid license with Bizagi.

Kind regards,

Laura G