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I can't create a new project

I`m new Bizagi's user, i downloaded the version and i haven't been able to create a new project, i'm getting this message:

Cannot register project:

There is no row at position 0.

Could you help me with this issue.

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Dear Carolina,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The behavior you mention may happen because some configuration files might be missing. So, our recommendation is, on the one hand, to reinstall the Bizagi Studio and try again. If it happens again, please check the event log and see if there is more information about the error.

If this behavior continues, we recommend that you try and install the Bizagi Studio in a different computer and see if the error continues.

Please let us know if the error continues after the execution of these three recommendations, in which case we might need to escalate it to the corresponding team to diagnose.

Kind regards,

Laura G