How to use system entity WFUSER directly in a form?


how can one drag and drop WFUSER component (with fullName set as display) to form, for example, combo box?

Use case: combo box to select a user who will be sent to a conference.

As presently only App entities (process master entity and Case entity) and reusable forms are available, but not also system entities.

My Bizagi Studio version: (July 26, 2021).

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Hi Dejan,

Have you added a pointer to the WFUSER in your data model? I assume you can't see the WFUSER entity because there is no relation between your data model and this SYSTEM entity. Once the relationship is added you can drag and drop the entity into the form.

If you are in the Form designer, go to the Data tab (left side panel), expand the App, select your main entity, right-click, Edit Entity and add a new attribute. You can call it Individual and point the attribute to the WFUSER. Save the change. Refresh the main entity and find the Individual attribute. Now you can drag and drop it into the form.


Hi Valeriu,

I've finally found time to try out your suggestion today and it works wonderfully.

Thank you very much for your support.

Kind regards,