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how to send body in rest api ?

hi dears,

i m using rest API in bizagi and call it for inserting data to other applications .

The data volume is over than 4000 characters,

while the URL Parameters is limited to 4000 characters .

how is it possible to make web services in bizagi to pass body parameter.

i appreciate if you can help me .

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if integration is simple, you can use REST Connector with correct method (POST/PUT). It will allow you to define body under Structure tab.

Keep in mind that with GET Method you cannot send body.

Another option is to build Custom Connector, there you have complete freedom on what method/payload is sent, but it will require experience with nodejs programming language.



Dear Masoud,

Thank you for reaching out to us. When trying to send a body using the rest API, be aware that the service has to be configured as a POST and not a GET.

The following article has some more information on how to configure a service (look into section 3):

We hope this helps in answering your question. Please let us know if more questions about this arise.

Kind regards,

Laura G