How to read barcodes in Bizaji

How to read barcodes in Bizaji

I want to read a series of barcodes with Bizaji and save it in the form. What is the solution for this? I also used the scan qr code widget, but it turns the webcam into a barcode reader, which must support HTML 5.

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Dear Yousef,

Thank you for your questions and for your patience. Unfortunately, Bizagi does not have its own widget to read barcodes as the one that exist for barcodes is for the purpose of creating them, and the widget that reads QR codes does not contemplate the different kinds of existing barcodes.

As an alternative, we would suggest that you look for a free library that allows to read barcodes and create your own barcode reading widget based off the widget that reads QR codes.

We hope this helps.

Best regards,

Laura G