How to obtain information from multiple processes

Currently, multiple processes are implemented in my Bizagi system used by multiple divisions.

An auditor/manager of specific division would like to have a list of created open cases related to the division.

If it's a single process, I believe I can just use a query. But, if I have to process a query for multiple processes, I do not really have a good idea. Because, in my understanding, one query is linked to specific one process.

I don't like to say, something like, "do 10 queries, one for each process, every day, when there are 10 processes"

Is there any good solution for this?

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Dear Hideyuki

Thank you for your feedback.

Bizagi allows the definition and customization of special forms to retrieve information of ongoing and closed cases, as well as information stored in specific entities.

Entity Queries allow end users to search for information stored in specific entities (Master or Parameter), regardless of the processes they are involved in.

Please refer to the following article for more details:

Hope this helps!

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