How to get local file path of uploaded file on PROD

Hello, Guys!

I'm trying to get the local file path from the uploaded file on PROD. I have checked the upload path is configured in Bizagi Studio for this project as: C:\BizAgi\Projects\Project01\Docs\. Unfortunately, this is 0 Bytes. Is there any other place where the files are uploaded?

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files in Docs folder will appear only after you have "committed" data from "Scope" (exited process step during which file was uploaded)

I recommend to check Scope concept and how its affecting file upload

And also check this old topic



Dear Gareema,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Along with Martin's response, please bear in mind that you may always check the Management Console and verify and/or the storage location configured for these files (for more information about this, you may read the following article:

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