How to get local file path of uploaded file

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I'm new to Bizagi, but what I'm trying to do is to get the local file path from the uploaded file. In one of my entities I have a field which is type File. I found a way to get the file name in a business rule and also I know the folder where Bizagi saves the files after upload. But for each case it creates new folder, where it saves the files. Is read the documentation about obtaining file path, but I don't know how to get the SurrogateKeyValue. (

Can you please help me with that? Is it possible to get the file path at all? Thank you in advance I will really appreciate your help!

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Albena Mincheva.

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Dear User,

Regarding this: "This is dynamic information, therefore you can know this information in runtime, as each process' case will have a different SurrogateKey.", the SurrogateKey is the same as CaseNumer.

To obtain the Case Number - Me.Case.CaseNumber , follow this article:

If we follow this example:

  • IdEntity: 10043.
  • IdAttribute: 10010.
  • SurrogateKey: 205 (obtained from the created case)
  • Whole part: 0 (Whole part = (205 - 205) / 1000)

Assuming the upload path is configured in Bizagi Studio for this project as: C:\BizAgi\Projects\Project01\Docs\.
Then the whole path to access this file would be: C:\BizAgi\Projects\Project01\Docs\10043\0\205\10010\.