How to Filter Tables - Parameter Entity

Dear Team, Could you please give me any advice how to filter collections using parameter entity that have a attribute that type is list of values.In my example attribute is "Category" which have a list of values (like cleaning material, office material,Repair material) .I've a table with produts and each product has a category. I would like when a chance the Filter "Category" show me only the produtcs that have the same category.I tried to use this expression:

// Filter is a string with "null" initial valueFilter = null;if(<is-not-null(SolicitacaodeCompra.Aquisicao.ConsultaCategoria)>){Filter = "Categoria = "+<SolicitacaodeCompra.Aquisicao.ConsultaCategoria.Id>;}Filter;But show me this error:Error Type: BaseExceptionError Message: Unable to process control: 4aecc192-115e-496d-977f-88e46fca289d. Control type: JoinGrid. Xpath: Aquisicao.Agregados. DisplayName: Agregados. Unable to process property: DATA. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.Thank you in advanceRegards

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Dear MC,

The easiest way to create a table filter is using the filter expression. For further information:


You can also filter a table using expressions. For further information: