How to export project file from Bizagi studio

I am doing the senior project for the graduation. I am looking for the method to export project file from the Bizagi studio. Because I need to submit the project file to the advisor. I had tried to export file in the seventh step.(Version 11.1) But it is not working. I would like to know about how can I share the file with my group members. For working together.

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Dear Siripong

Bizagi supports a teamwork collaborative setup for the Development/Authoring environment, so that you can move an existing Bizagi project into a central server anytime (or create a new one), and have several users work with from their workstations.

Please refer to following article for details:

The other option is to do a database backup of your project db. The Advisor can then restore the backup file on his environment. He will need to have same version of Bizagi Studio installed on his machine. Please note that with this option you are working independently and hence updates made by Advisor will not be available to other team members unless they get a backup and restore it.

Please refer to following article for restoring a backup file:

Hope this helps!

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