How to execute the web service in a loop?

I have a question about web service. I have defined two web services for my process, the second webservice is for inquery request and response.

I would like to my inquery web service will run seven times that its up to the step code

when it reaches to step code:7 the execution will execute successfully.

but in my case it remains in stepcode:1

how to define my inquery web service in a loop until it reaches to step code:7

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Dear Aysan,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. In order to better understand what you are trying to do, we have a question: are you trying to make the same request to a single webservice 7 times and it's not happening (or you don't know how to do that), or are you trying to process 7 steps in a request and the system is only processing one (or one at a time)?

Thank you for the information you can provide us with.

Best regards,

Laura G


Dear Laura

Thank you for your prompt reply, (I am trying to make the same request to a single webservice 7 times and it's not happening )

we are calling one web service for several times until to get the appropriate result. it means for example in the web service there is a field as named request status in which request status has seven values we should try web service for example ever fifteen minutes until we get the seventh response and also we should save the history of web service calling and the value of request status every time that we get response from web service.

H have two questions in this issue

1. how to call the web service in every fifteen minutes to get the response

2. how I should save the each time result in bizagi data base

3. How I should terminate the web service calling when we get the appropriate result

I am looking forward to hearing from you

thanks a million


Dear friend, the best thing to do is to create the service seven times and pass the information of the previous web service to the next one