How to delete a form attached to the start event


How can I delete a form attached to an event/task. I needed to delete a form attached to a none start event but nowhere there was a button to do so.

Even in the expert mode, I browsed to the form and tried to delete it, but a dependencies box popped up and still I was not able to delete it.

I went ahead and deleted the start event itself and put a new one. The process was then giving me errors. The errors disappeared only when I attached a form again to the start event I just created!

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Dear Ahmad,

Please update to the latest version. Our most recent release includes a Fix related to this:

"An exception was generated when selecting the first Start Task created, as the task could be a Timer, Message or Signal (without Start Form). Now, if the process has a Start Event with an assigned Start Form, it must be chosen as Start Task."

Let us know the results.



Dear Andres, thank you for your response.

I downloaded the new version of Studio.

1- Drew a sample process

2- Attached a form to the start event

3- Tried to delete it through the Expert mode --> failed due to dependencies

4- Added a new start event (and did not create a new start form) and disconnected the old start event

5- Tried to delete the old (now disconnected) start event form --> failed again

6- Deleted the old start event --> succeeded and thus the old start form was deleted implicitly with it

7- Did a test-run for the process with the new start event without its form --> succeeded

Screenshots attached and numbered according to the sequence described above.

Now that my complaint was resolved, why in the first place there is no way to delete a start form attached to the start event without having to delete the start event all together?!

Thank you for your response.