How to define a new OpenID provider?


We are planning to use a third-party identity server to use OpenID authentication for work portal login as part of the SSO solution. on the following user guide page:


"Among other identity provider servers supporting the standard you can choose:

•Azure AD


•Other Bizagi project"

But in the management console, security section, authentication type options, only above options are selectable.


How can we define a new OpenID provider?


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Dear user,

Thank you for letting us now your questions. As stated in the documentation, Azure AD, ADFS4, and Other Bizagi project are the only options for external authentication with Bizagi Studio 11.2.5. Since these are the only ones we are certified with, we cannot include a different one without proper certification.

We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause in the development of your project.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Thanks for the reply.

So the remaining option is to use SAML 2.0 protocol. is there a limitation on SAML as well or any SAML-compliant Identity provider can be configured?