How to create process template?

I have been testing Bizagi some time. I have downloaded and studied some template porcesses from Bizagi Process Central

Now I have been build my own process. But I can't find any documentation how to create template from my process to use it in different projects. Like Process Central of Bizagi.

Or you can advice me another method how to copy process from one project to another?


Dear Vladimir

Bizagi currently has no functionality to perform this procedure. We can recommend to create your process (as generic as possible), and make a backup as show in:Backup and Restore Bizagi Database.

best regards

Luis Emilio


Hello Luis.

What you can advise me in this situation.

I developed one process. I am going to run this process in Test.

After that I'd like add to this test project another process, that is been developing separetly in another project. Other words I'd like to collect in one project processes from different projects.

How can I do this?