How to create forms which controls the entire flow without being part of that flow?

Hi Bizagi Team,

We have a requirement where the client want us to create views(that is what they call it) which means independent forms for some specific group of people like case creator, Manager etc. Purpose of those views is that the concerned person will open that view for each case and can take some action on it like uploading files,add comments and mainly some buttons, and upon clicking on those buttons it should move the flow of the process forward or can close process or restart process etc.

So in short they don't want tasks from Bizagi workflow to appear in their inbox but instead they want a generic dashboard kind of view to do all the actions on the process and accordingly processes should move forwward.

Need to know how we can achieve this sort of feature in Bizagi?



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Dear Aviral,

Bizagi does not have exactly these features as you need, however, it has implemented a suite of features that helps you to carry out some of these needs.


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