How to create a Terminate Case button without firing the validation ?

Hello, Guys!

I'm newbie to Bizagi and I'm trying to create a form button to terminate the case. I have created a variable and on click of a button in the form, it sends my process to Terminate Event. The problem is that I have validation on fields in the form and when the button is clicked, Bizagi fires first the validation and I cannot terminate it without filling any data in the fields.

I also tried with abort process event, but it stays on the same page even then the process is closed and it also requires the validated fields.

Do you have any ideas how I can do that?

I will really appreciate your help!

Best regards,

Albena Mincheva

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Dear Albena,

For this purpose what you can do is create a cancellation path which is parallel to the main sequence flow, and invoke the open event from a button in the form via action configuration. Remember that if you would like to have this event available from the fist activity, the parallel gateway must be right after the start event.

For more information about this method and its configuration, please check:


Support Team