How to control duplicated record in a form and entity?

Hi guys

I have a question

I have an entity and I want to insert a record in this entity i want to control and not allow to insert duplicated record

how should I do it?

of course I chose a solution for this as below

I have put an execute rule but it doesn't work the error is that the entity in the "var Entity = Me.getXPath("entity-list('POSRegistration','"+ Filter+"')");" is not known.

[1:42 AM, 9/4/2021] Anita.Totan: <POSRegistration.serialNumber>

var checkingSerialNumber = <POSRegistration.serialNumber> ;

if (activeFlag == 1 && <POSRegistration.serialNumber> != null)


var Filter ="checkingSerialNumber=" + <POSRegistration.serialNumber> ;

var Entity = Me.getXPath("entity-list('POSRegistration','"+ Filter+"')");

if (Entity.size() != 0)


<POSRegistration> = Entity[0].getXPath("Id");





<POSRegistration>= null;




this is my execute rule but in this line I have an error

var Entity = Me.getXPath("entity-list('POSRegistration','"+ Filter+"')");

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Dear Aysan,

To delegate this type of control to Bizagi (and for the system to automatically avoid duplicate logical records), you can define the business keys for an entity. For detailed information please check the following article:

Best regards,