How to call web service for for example every 15 minutes?

Hi everyone

I have a problem,

we are calling one web service for several times until to get the appropriate result. it means for example in the web service there is a field as named request status in which request status has seven values we should try web service for example every fifteen minutes until we get the seventh response and also we should save the history of web service calling and the value of request status every time that we get response from web service.

I have three questions in this issue

1. how to call the web service in every fifteen minutes to get the response?

2. how should I save each times result in bizagi data base?

3. How should I terminate the web service calling when we get the appropriate result?

I am looking forward to hearing from you

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Dear Aysan,

THank you for letting us know your questions. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. To call the web service every 15 minutes, you may use a timer (an intermediate event to which you have selected "timer" as the type) set for 15 minutes before the activity that executes the web service. For more information on events, please refer to this article:

2. To save the resulting information, you can map it to a collection:

3. After the timer and the request to the web service execute, you may include in the process an exclusive gateway to ask if the value you receive is the value you need. If the condition is met, then a flow would continue to the next part of the process (or its end, depending on what is needed); but, if the condition is not met, then a second flow would go back to the timer which would wait again 15 minutes before moving on with the flow. So, the process would look roughly link the attached image (please have in mind that the example in the image has left out many details that need to be included for the process to work properly such as the type of activity the request to web service is or the configuration for the timer and the exclusive gateway that are not shown in the image).

We hope this answers your questions, but please let us know if you have further inquiries.

Kind regards,

Laura G