how to bring activity to next activity with Expression


I want to bring Task1 to Task2 in my Process with use Expression .How i do?

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Dear Aida,

To perform an activity using expression, you need to call a web service.

This Web method is used to execute a pending Activity (those found at the Inbox) from an external application.

In this way, the Activity is completed and that given case proceeds to the next stage in the workflow.

This method receives a single input having mainly: The information of the end user executing the Activity, the specific Process instance to be worked on (case number), the given Task name representing the pending Activity, and any business information relevant to that Activity (any data, attachments, etc).

Through this method, a pending Activity is completed, in the same way as it would be done at the Work Portal.

For further information about completing work from the Work Portal options, please refer to Bizagi Work Portal.

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