How to Approve a Letter and then add signature into the Letter

We auto generate a response letter. The Manager reviews it and if he approves the manager signature should be inserted into the letter before it is emailed to applicant. What is the most effective way to store the Manager's signature and ONLY insert it into the letter after approval?

I was thinking of avoiding saving the signature in the DB every time a case letter is approved.

I thought I could use a Process Attribute and add it to the configuration mapping, but seems it does not support image types.

I also thought of saving the digital signature as an image attribute in the Manager Stakeholder, but I am not sure how to populate the cases with the Stakeholder ID - ie how to set up the FK from the process entity to the Stakeholder for just those cases approved by the Manager.

Thank you for your advice.

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Dear J,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. To do what you are asking, you need to configure the image as a user attribute (or user property) so that it may be read.

For more information on how to read user properties, please visit the following article:

We hope this answers your request. Please let us know if there's something else you need further assistance with.

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Laura G


Thank you for this idea. I will try it.

Someone else recommended having 2 sets of letter templates, 1 set without signatures and 1 set with the digital signature within. Would this be a more efficient way to manage the approvals? in that we wont need to store an image of the signature for every case that was approved?