How to add parameter in form

I have a parameter with a clients and I want to make a form where user can add new client (add new value in parametr). How I can do this?

If I put attributes from parameter on form, I recieму an error.

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Dear Daria,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. In this case you are reporting, the error occurs because parametric entities consist of parameters in an on themselves (and they are considered metadata), so they cannot be modified within processes but directly in the entity administration funtion

To model clients and modify them as part of the process (creation, update, deletion, etc.), you would need to use master entities.

For more information on Master entities and Parameter entities, please read the following articles:

We hope this information helps to answer your question. If further inquiries arise, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hi Daria Ostapchenko,

The standard practice to add and manage parameter entities are the same what Laura has suggested above.

But if you still want to add new row in parameter entity from process form you can use Activity Temporary Attributes (see link below:)

Add related temporary attribute for the activity and place the attributes on the form, which will add new row every time you fill the form and submit.