How save a local process flow in cloud model

I have a process flow named Tires_Maintenance.bpm saved in my local drive. I have, in my Bizagi Cloud Repository, a model named All_Services, with two Folders: Services and Administrative, and some process flows inside. I would like to save (or move) my local process flow Tires_Maintenance.bpm to my cloud folder Services (which, as said, is inside my cloud model All_Services). But, when I open my local file Tires_Maintenancebpm, and try to save it to the cloud, the only options is to save it as a Model, and doing that, I will have two Models in my repository (figure atached) and it is not possible to move it to All_Services model. How can I save my local process Tires_Maintenance.bpm to my folder Services in my cloud model? There is a way to include (save) a local process flow inside a cloud model?

Files: bpm.png

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Dear Carlos,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in the Bizagi Modeler as it is implemented right now (files are models even if they only have one diagram and it is not possible to save diagrams as files). As an option, we could suggest you take the elements in the previous diagram to a new diagram within the model named "All_Services."

Also, we could change this topic to an idea so that the Product team may assess the possibility to implement this kind of feature. Please let us know if you want us to do so.

Best regards,

Laura G