How can we analyze wrong assignations?


We have all users with a defined idBossUser on the WFUSER.

All the bosses assigned to the users are "enabled" and "enabled for assignation".

We have configured specific activities performers as "CurrentAssigneeBoss" but those activities are not being assigned to the correct person (idBossUser) they are being assigned to the administrators (default assignation users).

The same processes that are getting these wrongs assignations are working perfectly fine on DEV enviroment.

How can we analyze why these activities are not being assigned correctly?


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Dear Leonardo,

Thank you for reaching out to us. After looking at the information you sent, we think there might be an automatic task happening before the rule that assigns a task to the assignee's boss. Since automatic tasks are assign to the administrator by default, the following task will use that as the base for the new assignation.

Regarding, your second question, it might be working fine in DEV because that environment allows the overriding of assignations or because in PRD there is no boss correctly defined.

We hope this helps in answering your questions.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura, your answer makes sense and might be the case for some of the processes but not for all of them i will pain attention to that fact. I have changed the CurrentAssigneeBoss to a rule that returns the Me.Case.Creator.BossId and the problem persists.

So there are no logs to check assignations on bizagi? The only way to do it is by using the trace on the performers rule?