How can I input a Document File inside a Document File Generation

Hello, I wanted to know if its possible to add a Document File inside a new Document File that's beeing generated by the user.

When I do the allocation of the variables I can't ever find any Document Files that are created and I needed to add them to the new Generated File.

Help please.

Thank you

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Dear Francisco,

I assume that with a new Document File generated by the user, you're referring to a Template generation.

With this in mind, both templates and uploaded documents can coexist in the same File attribute.

When dealing with multiple files associated to a single File attribute, please consider:

  • A single File attribute may store several files.
  • The maximum allowed size (in bytes) of files to be uploaded is defined in the Environment Configuration. However, you can define a customized maximum file size.
  • Nonetheless, Bizagi only allows file sizes up to 2,147,483,647 bytes. (Almost 2 GB)
  • You can define the maximum number of files to be uploaded in a single File attribute and also if the uploaded files can be deleted.
  • You can define the valid extensions of files to be uploaded.

You can find more information about this topic in:


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