How can i generate a document with dynamic Name

I am using the Document template and every time the generated document have the same name that i mentioned while mapping.

Is there any way that i can use dynamic name according to our case number Like: (Document-<CaseNumber>).

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Dear Deepak,

There is no way to customize this option directly on the Document Template Configuration. Nevertheless, you can use a business rule to set a new name for your document. You can refer to the user guide article to see how the name of the file is obtained through the rule, but, instead of using getXpath, we will use setXpath to change the file name as you can see at the image attached.

About File.get(0).setXPath("FileName", "NewName.pdf"); The 0 position is important because you can generate an array of documents but only the name of the first one will be changed. It is also important to specify the extension as you can see in "NewName.pdf"

Best regards.