How a process trigger another

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I have a question, how do I run a process when another one ends?

I have two diferent processes and by the help guide if I'm using a signal event I just need to have similar names and one process can trigger another.

I did that and I did forms for both processes. The first works fine but it ends without opening the form from the other. (btw I'm talking about run them on work portal).

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Dear User,

A way to create a case after to finish a another case is using a SOAP layer. Follow this article to understand:

You can create an expression just before to end the case and create a new one.



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I have another question.

I would like to know how can I send data, that I insert in BizAgi forms, to store e.g. on NAV Dynamics.

The situation is:


Microsoft Dynamics NAV I confirm the existence of an specific user that

I inserted in BizAgi and with that confirmation I populate the forms

with all the data related to that user who's stored on NAV. Then I

create a receipt (sale) to the user with multiple products lines and a


The question is how I can store that data back in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

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João Azevedo


Dear João,

According your last question, our recommendation is to create a new thread because this one has been solved. We think that the best way to implement Microsoft Dynamics Nav is creating a widget. For further information: