Help design a purchase request form

Hi, I need a small real example

For a better explanation, look at my example

I have a form to be filled out by the storekeeper

In this form, the product information is filled in inside a grid and the name of the agent is inserted in the same grade inside one of the columns. Now, when I submit the form, I want each row of the grid to be sent only to the selected agent.

Please help me to design this model, I have an urgent need

Thank you all

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Good afternoon Yousef

If I understand you correctly, what you require is that for each line of the grid that contains an agent, a new "child" case of a multiple sub-process must be created, which will be assigned to the Agent selected in said record.

For this, you must create a one-to-many relationship (the grid) and in the flow create a multiple sub-process, configuring it so that each of the records in said grid generates a case assigned to each agent.

I attach a supporting image, I hope it helps you.

I share a link that shows you how to configure a multiple sub process: