Send Purchase Request process

Hi, I want to create a process like this, please help.

The warehouseman fills in the shopping list and selects a supplier for each product.

After submitting the work, each row should be sent only to the selected person separately and the rest of the rows should not be sent to him in any way.

How can I do this?

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Good afternoon Yousef,

For this you must use a multiple Sub process in your process and configure it in such a way that a "child case" is launched only for each of the people who were selected.

I share the following link where you can learn everything about the multiple sub process:



Hi Andres Montoya

Thank you for your answer

In the link provided, I can not understand,

Do you have a sample?


Good morning Yousef,

This new link shows you step by step how to configure the multiple sub-process that you need to create, you can navigate through the Bizagi help and there you will find all the information about the subject: