Global value to be set up

Hi Team,

I am new to Bizagi, I have a question which might be simple.

I need to define a global variable which will store a constant value (say for example 42.5)

Now when the user uploads a text or a file, the version of that file needs to be 42.5, for this I want to store this value in a global variable so that every time a file is uploaded I can compare the file version with the value stored in the global parameter.

How to achieve it?

Shall I create a table in an External DB and then try to use it in one of the expressions or is there a better way?

Note:- I want to avoid the hassle of deployment, for instance if the value changes to 43.5 I want to just change the gloabal parameter in all environments.



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Dear Mansoor,

You can declare a function, variable or vocabulary as local or global. Please check these articles:

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Dear Juan,

I did it using Environment GLoabl variable, thanks for your reply.

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