Get value from virtualization and show in collection


I am connected to another database through virtualization and I have all the information. Now I want to use it in my process so that when I search for a date, it shows me all the records related to that date in the collection. Please help

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Dear Yousef,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

One of the features of virtualization in Bizagi is that of abstracting the entity within the tool, so to do what you are requesting, we would recommend that you model the search feature as if it wasn't virtualized.

We hope this helps answering your question. Please let us know if further issues arise.

Best regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura Garcia

thanks for your reply

But sorry I did not understand what you mean.

Do you have an example in this regard?


Hi Yousef,

Unfortunately I do not have any examples at hand, but I could provide you with this article about virtualization of entities ( You could also look into all the articles in that site about virtualization and maybe get to some examples.