get value from selected row

i have a situation where i have a table with 2 columns: skill and grade. id like to click on a given skill and access a second collection where i can see all student that match the skill (the row) i selected on the first table. is there any way i can acomplish this? is there any way to store the value of the skill i click on when im on the work portal?


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Dear Hernan,

In some situations it is necessary to obtain or manipulate information of a specific record in a collection.

To do this you do not need to iterate over the whole collection and stop when you find the desired record. By knowing the position of the record in the collection you can easily access it through an expression.

The syntax used to access this information is as follow:

•To obtain information

Collection.get(index of the record). getXPath("Attribute")

•To set

Collection.get(index of the record). setXPath("Attribute",value)

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