Gateway Expression with Multiple Conditions


I'm trying to input expressions for an exclusive gateway. M y form has one Boolean control asking if the information is correct, and a table where each line item needs to be approved. I want to configure the gateway so that if the information is both correct and all line items are approved, the process will continue. However, if the information is not correct OR if the information is correct but at least one line item is not approved, the application will be sent back to the previous step. How would I configure the multiple elements of these expressions?

I've attached some screen shots showing both my form and my process model.

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Dear Joe,

There are couple of ways of accomplishing this.

One way, is to create an expression "On Exit" of your "Approve request" activity. This expression will iterate over the items in your table and will set an attribute to true or false depending on all the items are approved or not.

You can then use this attribute and another Boolean attribute (the one that checks if all information is correct) on your Gateway flow lines.

Please refer to following articles for iterating over collections or facts.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards